Named after the legendary French goat cheese, Chabichou is home to a large selection of cheeses, while also dabbling in cured meats, foie gras, and baked goods. A grilled-cheese lovers’ paradise — order one using any kind of cheese you like.”

“As time goes on, there has been more and more demand for Chabichou to serve prepared foods, and the owners have accommodated with more seating and an augmented menu.”

– Richard Trapunski,

“When it comes to cheese, chef Laurent Brion is cursed with too much knowledge. He didn’t grow up on vacuum-sealed, rubbery cheddar from the dairy case. And getting fresh French cheese from the local market wasn’t part of a hazy lavender-scented Edith Piaf dream; it was just his childhood.”

-Catherine Hayday, TorontoLife.com

” Chabichou was originally conceived (and named) for a love of cheese. And the selection is exciting, but the prepared foods are as much of a draw.”

– Emily Thomas, BlogTo.com